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Re: KDE libnotify

I guess I was thinking of libnotify as more of a cross-desktop notification system, but it seems that it's basically tied to gnome at the moment. PlasmaNotify provided what I was trying to accomplish - thanks.

Josep Febrer Salord wrote:
A Dimarts, 16 de juny de 2009 07:38:22, elyk53@gmail.com va escriure:
I just noticed and installed iceweasel-libnotify, in hopes of making
Iceweasel's notifications use the KDE notification system. To my dismay,
I am instead presented with gnome-style notifications which look more
out of place than the default Iceweasel ones. Is it possible to make
libnotify display applications use the KDE4 notification system, or is
this attempt at additional integration misguided.
I think you are confused, if you want to use KDE4 notification with Iceweasel 
or Firefox you have to install the extension PlasmaNotify:


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