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Need Help to come up with Sony Vaio VGN AR850E

Hello ,,,,,
I,m running Debian GNU/Linux 5.0 Lenny on my Laptop "Sony Vaio VGN AR850E"  and i need some help pleae .
every thing almost okay ,,but there is a vital stuff to me doesn,t work at all like wifi,brightness switching keys,bluetooth and Speakers,s volume switching buttons ,,, the strange thing that the sound and Volume stuff working fine on GNOME ,while not on KDE 3.5

actually i,m very depressed cuz i liked Debian and i don,t want to leave it  ,,,but these troubles is cuzing me problems ,so
any help can be givin ????

i want to stay using Debian so please help me to solve these prblms and thanks in advanced .

Sincerely  Bashar .

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