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Re: Dolphin can't browse sshfs mounts

Cade Robinson wrote:
> Sorry I see what you are saying.
> I thought maybe you didn't know fish:// and didn't understand why take
> the extra steps of sshfs when you can access direct with fish://.
> Anyhow - It works for me with KDE 4.2.4
> I had to add myself to the "fuse" group.
> Created a dir in my home dir and mounted a remote filesystem via sshfs.
> Both as myself and root as the remote user.
> Dolphin could see the contents fine in the mount point and I could
> browse fine.
> I assume the remote user you are using has perms to the dir you are
> mounting?

Thanks a lot for your interest, your comments were helpful anyway even
though I wasn't looking for an alternative solution but for answers
about a specific problem.
I upgraded my kde installation to the Sid version and everything works
fine, I will probably never know what was happening, but it sure was
strange to see a directory "disappear" from Dolphin view as soon as a
sshfs mount was done... One of the KDE4 "features" I won't miss !
Otherwise the fish:// protocol is working nicely, and now sshfs is too.

Thanks for you help.


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