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Re: KDE4 hits testing in a few hours

Am Donnerstag 21 Mai 2009 schrieb Daniel Sutil:
> In my case, I started having problems with kdm. I don't know why, but I
> have to install kde-standard so all the conflicts in aptitude can be
> resolved. After that, I was delighted with the stability and beauty of
> my new KDE4 Desktop (I have tried other versions of KDE 4 and all was
> problems).

I just installed kde-full ;-).

> I had the same problem with Kaboom, It didn't make a full backup of my
> kde directory and reports problems with some files, but I don't
> investigate the problem because I supposed (correctly) that the files
> wasn't important for me.

Well I have no issue with that cause I did a rsync beforehand and have a 
fcron job which does a rdiff-backup every 12 hours anyway.

> Until now, I only have to problems with KDE4, the first problem was
> that Kmail show the date of all my mail as "Unknow". Inside the mail, I
> can see the correct date, but in the folder, not. I solved that problem
> creating another temporary folder where I moved all my mail, and return
> back all the mails to the original folder, after that, the date was
> showed ok.

Hmmm, I do see this too with the inbox for local mail that Postfix 
delivers. Each mail data appears after I click on the mail which triggers 
immediate sorting into the correct date group. The POP3 account folders 
appear to be fine - luckily, cause I have more than 50 folders. 

I will consider moving mails around to fix the date information in the 
folder list - just as you did. Rebuilding the index did not help.

Maybe that should be reported upstream as well if not already done. But it 
might be better to wait for KDE 4.2.4 and see whether it might be fixed.

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