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Re: Info about KDE versions in unstable, testing...

On Thursday 21 May 2009, Modestas Vainius wrote:
> It must be packaged (MUCH (really) work, somewhat low interest
> recently).

 Yeah, the downside of a large distro trying to support so many
 platforms, and KDE being pretty mammoth. Everything I've
 said elsewhere about the quality of the KDE4 suite per se
 aside, the work that goes into this is known to be huge, and
 is very much appreciated.

> 4.2.4 is coming in a bit more than a week. 4.2.3 is not much better
> than 4.2.2 so skipping 4.2.3 does not seem to be a very bad idea.

 I think the KDE dot releases are meant to be every month, was that 
 right?  I think I'd be happy with jumping every second release like
 that - as much as I'd love to get bug fixes and new (well, recover
 the 3.5) features as fast as possible.

 Do you expect that a two monthly, or every second dot release, is
 about the pace that will be settled on?


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