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Re: How to keep KDE at 3.5 in Sid installations.

On Wed May 20 2009 03:40:48 David wrote:
> > That won't work anymore, KDE 4.2 is in testing.
> Thanks, noted. I'll probably downgrade my KDE package versions to
> Lenny, but keep the rest on Sid, for as long as I can, and then either
> downgrade everything to Lenny, try KDE 4.2 again (maybe I can get used
> to it and work around all the problems I had with it when I tried
> recently), or use a different window manager.

For years we were using mostly Stable for servers and mostly Testing
for workstations.  We also had a few Fedora and Ubuntu.  We've tried
KDE 4 a few times over the last two years and every attempt has been
a disaster - a disaster compounded by the excessively rosy claims
from upstream.  Sure KDE 4 is usable - in the same way that Windows
3.1 was usable - but users would kill me if we tried to make them use
Windows 3.1 in 2009.

We can no longer run Testing anywhere.  Eventually I expect we'll run
into video driver problems on new hardware but thus far we've been OK
with Lenny.

Thanks to the Debian KDE team for keeping KDE 3.5 in Lenny.  KDE 3.5
may or may not ever see another bug fix, but it will be a long long
time before KDE 4 catches up with KDE 3.5.

--Mike Bird

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