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Re: How to keep KDE at 3.5 in Sid installations.

> That won't work anymore, KDE 4.2 is in testing.

Thanks, noted. I'll probably downgrade my KDE package versions to
Lenny, but keep the rest on Sid, for as long as I can, and then either
downgrade everything to Lenny, try KDE 4.2 again (maybe I can get used
to it and work around all the problems I had with it when I tried
recently), or use a different window manager.

> Just do not report bugs to Debian BTS about your system. Just to make it clear
> again, you and whoever tries that are completely on their own.

Also noted, and I am aware of this. When I've reported other bugs
(like VLC not working correctly on my system), I mention this, and try
my best to make sure that there are no KDE-related dependencies
involved with the problem.


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