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Re: How to keep KDE at 3.5 in Sid installations.


On 2009 m. May 20 d., Wednesday 13:10:23 David wrote:
> My solution, for keeping my machine on the latest Sid, except for KDE,
> which stays on testing (for the moment), is to run a command like
> this:
> sudo aptitude dist-upgrade $(cat dist_upgrade_vers.txt)
> Where dist_upgrade_vers.txt contains lines like this:
> akregator/testing
> amor/testing
> ark/testing
> arts/testing
> ...
> I generated that text file, by running and re-running 'aptitude
> dist-upgrade', and then adding <packagename>/testing (for KDE-related
> packages), until aptitude finally reported that it was going to
> upgrade everything to Sid, except for KDE packages.
That won't work anymore, KDE 4.2 is in testing.

> This probably isn't an ideal solution (KDE 3.5 will probably
> eventually start breaking due to newer libs and so on), but for the
> moment it seems to be working correctly, and I will probably need to
> keep tweaking the text file as needed (and maybe even downgrade my
> entire system to Lenny at some point). But, hopefully it will work
> until KDE 4 reaches a point where I'm happy to switch over (maybe by
> 4.5).
Just do not report bugs to Debian BTS about your system. Just to make it clear 
again, you and whoever tries that are completely on their own.

Modestas Vainius <modestas@vainius.eu>

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