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Re: KDE 4 simply broken

On Vie 15 May 2009 15:30:06 Mike Bird escribió:
> On Fri May 15 2009 02:04:27 Marcus Better wrote:
> > IMHO kmail is unusable due to this and other problems (just check the bug
> > trackers), and what's more it has been this way for *years*. Data loss,
> > crashes, connection problems, you name it. (I've used it for nearly a
> > decade with many different accounts and systems.)
> Yes, KMail crashes more frequently than Windows 3.1.  However, if
> used with IMAP (not POP3 and not offline IMAP) the crashes are not
> serious.  99% of the time KMail is OK after a restart.  On rare
> occasions one must force it back to consistency by deleting all the
> files in ~/.kde/share/apps/kmail/imap/ (most of which are dot files).

I use offline imap, and I didn't have a crash of kmail since 4.2.1 (at least!)

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