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Re: KDE 4 simply broken

Nick Shaforostoff said:

> On Пятница 15 мая 2009 01:12:00 marc wrote:
>> It is a terrible mess. I'm trying to use Kubuntu, so not quite the same
>> thing. There's a lot of denial going on, imo.
>> I've raised so many bugs in the past few weeks I've now given up;
>> nothing seems to be getting fixed, although a few security fixes have
>> come through. Almost all are regressions; mostly of very basic
>> functionality.
>> Some of the bugs are trivial, once you examine them, but they are show-
>> stoppers. It's remarkable that the things were released. The fixes I've
>> spent time on haven't been responded to.
> I tried searching for gmane@auxbuss.com on bugs.kde.org, but it says The
> name gmane@auxbuss.com is not a valid username.
> Can you send me the mail address you use for bugs.kde.org ?

I'll email you.


"Big change requires small steps."

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