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Re: KDE 4 simply broken


On 2009 m. May 15 d., Friday 00:02:45 Mike Bird wrote:
> An ENORMOUS thank you to the KDE team for leaving KDE 3.5 in Lenny.
> I hope they have a fall-back plan to deliver KDE 3.5 in Squeeze,
> because KDE 4 is going nowhere fast.
Definitely no. KDE 3 IS dead, just let it RIP. Apparently, there is NO 
interest in maintaining KDE 3 upstream despite some people complaining how bad 
KDE 4 got. I guess they just moved to other DEs instead of doing real work.

Is KDE 4 that bad? Well, it depends. I would say:

1) It does not feel rock solid, plasma still looks more like a toy than an app 
to get the real work done. In general, eye candy is sometimes more emphasized 
than usability. But many problems are also video driver related.
2) It IS memory hog. Some memory leaks have been fixed, some small remain.
3) Neither it is fast, especially on startup. I also do not like direction KDE 
4 has taken with a couple of its core technologies which lead to more bloat, 
but hey, I can still live with that.
4) It still has a lot of bugs. Typically, they are small issues but I see how 
some might be annoying for some people.
5) Will all that said, it is mostly the desktop itself which is problematic. 
Individual applications surpassed KDE 3.5 counterparts long time ago (with a 
few exceptions).

So yes, KDE 4 desktop has many shortcomings. But is it worse than KDE 3.5? 
Probably no, because KDE 3.5 is not perfect either and it is UNMAINTAINED. 
Bugs are not getting fixed, it is aging rapidly and userbase is shrinking 
fast. So I would recommend not to delay inevitable and switch to KDE 4 or find 
another desktop which you like more right way.

Nobody shold feel bad about not liking KDE 4. It is different and probably not 
for all KDE 3.5 users. However, there is a lot of WMs, DEs to choose from 
which are active MAINTAINED. Begging to keep KDE 3.5 won't save it.

Modestas Vainius <modestas@vainius.eu>

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