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Re: KDE 4 simply broken

On Thursday 14 May 2009 17:05:16 jedd wrote:
>  I simply can't believe that every other unstable user, now using
>  KDE 4, can be having the same types of experiences that I am
>  and not talking (complaining) about them here.

Another whinge, I'm afraid.  From, where I am sitting, you count as one of the 
lucky ones.  Since I installed Sid on my testbed box several weeks ago, I 
have had KDE4 working at all for a total of about 2 or 3 days.  (This last 
update has restored it after another hiatus.)

Fortunately, although a desire to find out for myself if KDE4 was as awful as 
it sounded was my main motivation, I also wanted to have a good look at XFCE4 
and one or two WMs as possible replacements.  I have therefore been able to 
have that good look at XFCE, which I suspect is going to be what I use next, 
anyhow for those I support.  Not that I shall abandon KDE 3.x.x until I am 
dragged off it kicking and screaming.

I found getting rid of the awful new menu was very easy.  (I find moving, 
wobbly, transparent, jumping thinga not only unpleasant but at times actually 
painful.)  And it would appear that I have avoided the worst of the bling, 
tho' that may be false impression due it the very small amount that I have 
managed to do on it at all.  But it seems to be under the impression that 
bling is all-important and functionality an irrelevancy.  I couldn't do even 
the most basic configuration.

I have also convinced myself that I could not possibly manage with Sid on my 
main workhorse and simultaneously remain sane.  I doff my hat to those of you 
who can cope!!


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