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Re: Publishing own packages for KDE 4.2.3

On 2009-05-12, Benjamin Eikel <debian@eikel.org> wrote:
> Dear list members,
> this is my first post to this list. I am just building my own amd64 .deb 
> packages for KDE 4.2.3, because I read that it will take some time until there 
> will be official packages in unstable. I downloaded the sources from kde.org and 
> checked out the debian/ subdirectory with the control files for the 4.2.3 
> packages from the pkg-kde Debian Subversion repository.
> My question is if I am allowed to upload the resulting packages somewhere and 
> make them available to other people?

License wise, you are fully allowed. But I would hope you wouldn't
distribute it.

If you still want to distribute it, please make sure your packages are
versioned like 4:4.2.3-1~eikel0 - so that it is easy recognizable - and
be prepared to handle any bug reports associated with the packages and
the upgrades from it to any later debian kde revisions. 

Note that the packages are *unfinished* and *unpublished*, and thus
unsupported by the debian kde team.
In many cases, the biggest difference is the version number.


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