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Re: printing in kde4

Christoph Burgmer:
> If I understand him correctly he wants to add stuff on the KDE level,
> without the need of CUPS.

Exactly. I.e. add a "Print to Fax"-entry which allows me to pipe the 
generated postscript to an external program.

> Dunno where to look, do a 'grep -r "print to
> file(PDF)" /' :)

;-) a grep in /usr/share yielded nothing useable.

> Why would you want that though? CUPS is a perfect level of abstraction
> where you would want to do things.

In 3.5 it was quite simple to accomplish this iirc.

Just out of curiosity - does current kde printing only work against cups or 
can I use lpd-ish spoolers too?

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