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Re: [ANN] New metapackages layout

Ana Guerrero wrote:

> branding? Do you mean like desktop-base?

> I have not idea what is the kubuntu package you refer, could you be a bit
> more verbose?

It is called kubuntu-desktop. It is what you get when you try the kubuntu 

The source package are here :

- https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/karmic/+source/kubuntu-meta/1.122
- https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/jaunty/+source/kubuntu-default-

They have also a documentation package.

> And at this moment, i do not see why debian users could not benefit
> already of the documentation for kubuntu and viceversa :?

If the KDE Debian Desktop has the same settings than Kubuntu, screenshots of 
desktop will look alike (same buttons at the same place on the taskbar, 
etc.). This kind of little things help computer illiterates.



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