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Re: Lancelot locks accessing NTFS partition

In <[🔎] 200904090014.01454.modestas@vainius.eu>, Modestas Vainius wrote:
>On 2009 m. April 8 d., Wednesday 23:59:10 Boyd Stephen Smith Jr. wrote:
>> Then file the bug at the Debian BTS and the maintainer will forward it
>> to upstream if necessary.  (Of course, only to this is you are willing
>> to work with the maintainer to correctly resolve the bug.)
>WRONG thinking. File a bug to Debian BTS only if you believe (and can
> justify it) that it is Debian-specific. I'm not talking about this bug in
> particular, but in general. DO NOT report upstream bugs to Debian BTS
> (with the exception of grave or more serious).

No, you are wrong.  A bug in a package (caused by upstream or not) is a bug 
in Debian.  Bugs in Debian are, according to "The Debian GNU/Linux FAQ" (an 
official document prepared by Debian) to be filed on the Debian BTS.  
According to the instructions at http://www.debian.org/Bugs/Reporting 
(again, an official document prepared by Debian) if you file a bug on the 
BTS you should not file the bug upstream, but let the maintainer do it.

Even if you *know* the bug is a problem caused by upstream, you should 
probably file it on the Debian BTS if it affects Debian.  This way it will 
show up in automated reports for the status of bugs in 
stable/testing/unstable and persons watching the package through PTS will be 
notified.  Bug reports are actually one of the main metrics used to 
determine when a new version of Debian is ready to be released -- if there 
are bugs that affect Debian but are only reported upstream, that metric 
reduces in value.

Yes, you shouldn't copy upstream reports into the Debian BTS, but if you are 
running Debian and encounter the bug it should be on the Debian BTS (even if 
it needs to be somewhere else, too.)
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