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Re: [ANN] KDE 4.2 moving to unstable *this* week

> I think Modax asnwered you quite well about this. If you want to know more,
> follow development lists and channels. 

That's not a valid response for non-geek users and all of you know it; anyway I won't insist, after all it even wasn't me who asked a word about releasing.

> But... it was not delayed...
> > All the info we were able to provided was provided in this mailing list.

It's true. I don't think this one was the better occasion to start asking, as that couple of users did, especially because of your announcement last week, Ana, which is exactly what I was defending: communication.
As Alejandro was hinting at, this wasn't a criticism about 4.2.2 nor about your enormously appreciated work, but about a certain sansation of disinformation many people have, and look to the other side won't make it disappear.

> You are asking for impossibles here. And please, let's kill this thread we all
> have stuff to do.

Well, I will accept that "transmitting some resumed and simple info to the users in case there's any setback or whatever is impossible even is users offer their help" "explanation", but you know most users won't, and will keep annoying y'all with their "hey, the package "whatever" is out, when will be in the repos, eh, eh, eh?"

Ok, for me, this conversation is over; I hope for others too. There's a lot of stuff to do, like suscribing a dozen lists for solving any little doubt any user has, :p

Regards, and, as always, congrats for you work. Y'all may not be very good at "public relations", but your uninterested work is laudable and well done, and even those of us who can sound somehow critic are really grateful to you all, :)

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