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Re: [ANN] KDE 4.2 moving to unstable *this* week

El Lunes 06 Abril 2009 17:49:47 Lisi Reisz escribió:
> For goodness sake!  I would expect a two year old to show more patience when 
> waiting for a sweetie.  You were told that 4.2.2 would make it to Sid soon - 
> I think that this week was mentioned.  That should be enough.
> If you want timed releases, switch to Ubuntu.  I think Ubuntu tells you not 
> only the date but also the time of day.  The developers here (unlike some of 
> those at Ubuntu) are voluteers and are not paid.  They develop for the love 
> of it.  They are not our servants to be driven by slave drivers.  I _like_ 
> the Debian development model.  I like the choice of old stable, stable, 
> testing, Sid and experimental.  I am grateful for the marvellous job done by 
> the developers.

> If you can't stop yourself fidgetting, get some worry beads.

Thanks for your illustating info, but most of suscribers of this list already know all those obvieties you are parroting; so if you aren't going to contribute with any serious argument and just write to show off and look cool and such, well, why don't you go out and enjoy spring, birds, and such? :) Packagers (and the rest too) have better things to do with their time than read vacuous messages.

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