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About ban-unstable-uploads

Hello Debian KDE maintainers,

while preparing a new release for RKWard, I have run into that 
ban-unstable-uploads thing. As far as I understand (which may not be correct, 
I've been very short on time the past few months, and have hardly followed 
discussions), this is so you are free to do some more ground-level changes to 
the Debian KDE packages, such as changing configuration paths. Naturally, 
that would break any third party KDE 4 packages already uploaded to unstable.

Now the problem is, the version of rkward in unstable is already based on KDE 
4 (it was uploaded in June 2008). This version is terribly broken right now 
(admittedly it has been badly broken for a while, but things have deterioated 
even further, recently), and I'd like to publish a fix, soon. But with 
ban-unstable-uploads in effect - well, I can't upload to unstable.

So I'm wondering, how to proceed. Can you give an estimate on how long 
ban-unstable-uploads will remain in effect? If that's more than ~two weeks or 
so, could you add an exception for rkward, or some way to work around the 
ban? Do you have other suggestions on how to proceed?

A CC: would be nice, I'm not subscribed.


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