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Playback and other problems in Amarok

Hello there debian fans,

Well I am using KDE4.2 since it was uploaded in experimental. I am happy with it. I am also using amarok (from experimental)
and I have some problems to discuss.

Well first of all (as you can see in the subject of this message) there's a prob on playback. Many tracks(mp3's only, ogg's seem to work perfectly) just don't start playing. At first I thought the tracks were corrupt or something, but everything is ok with other players. So what do you think?? A problem with xine maybe?? Well, I know this list is for reporting packaging problems but I thought it was a good idea to discuss this matter with other users.

Secondly there's a problem with the indexing of my music collection. I have figured out that some tracks are missing. Also amarok doesn't "read" the ID3tags correctly and tracks are added in a complete wrong order (for example metallica tracks under a different artist--lol:p) or the tags get completely wiped out so the tracks go to various artists->unknown->bla bla. To tell the truth most of the tracks are correctly indexed.

At last I think it is ok for amarok (and KDE in general) to have bugs as it is in a transitional period, but the things I talked above shouldn't exist in a version so called "stable" by the developing team. Well, let's just say that I can tolerate these things because I know how things work on foss, or because I am a fan because because..., but what would a newcomer say if he was in my (our I suppose) place?? I'm waiting for your opinion on this.


PS: I want to mention that I am not trying to offend anyone. Especially the developing team and the people that do the packaging. They deserve only congratulations. :)

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