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Re: Playback and other problems in Amarok


2009 m. February 24 d., Tuesday, John Kapnogiannis rašė:
> Well first of all (as you can see in the subject of this message)
> there's a prob on playback. Many tracks(mp3's only, ogg's seem to work
> perfectly) just don't start playing. At first I thought the tracks were
> corrupt or something, but everything is ok with other players. So what
> do you think?? A problem with xine maybe?? Well, I know this list is for
> reporting packaging problems but I thought it was a good idea to discuss
> this matter with other users.
http://bugs.debian.org/cgi-bin/bugreport.cgi?bug=514114#32 In other words, 
downgrade xine-lib to testing and put it on hold. Maintainer has promised to 
upload a fixed version but no action yet. And despite such problems with xine 
1.1.16, gstreamer is still worse choice.

# aptitude install '~i ?source-package(xine-lib)'/testing

> Secondly there's a problem with the indexing of my music collection. I
> have figured out that some tracks are missing. Also amarok doesn't
> "read" the ID3tags correctly and tracks are added in a complete wrong
> order (for example metallica tracks under a different artist--lol:p) or
> the tags get completely wiped out so the tracks go to various
> artists->unknown->bla bla. To tell the truth most of the tracks are
> correctly indexed.
> At last I think it is ok for amarok (and KDE in general) to have bugs as
> it is in a transitional period, but the things I talked above shouldn't
> exist in a version so called "stable" by the developing team. Well,
> let's just say that I can tolerate these things because I know how
> things work on foss, or because I am a fan because because..., but what
> would a newcomer say if he was in my (our I suppose) place?? I'm waiting
> for your opinion on this.
Be it stable or not stable by upstream, but this amarok is in debian 
experimental :) Citing http://packages.debian.org/experimental/amarok:

Experimental package
Warning: This package is from the experimental distribution. That means it is 
likely unstable or buggy, and it may even cause data loss. Please be sure to 
consult the changelog and other possible documentation before using it.

So it could be worse :)

Modestas Vainius <modestas@vainius.eu>

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