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Re: KDE4.2 and keyboard shortcuts

Alle giovedì 19 febbraio 2009, Andreas Jacob ha scritto:
> I also installed the release candidate early in the mid/end of January,
> meaning i upgraded from 4.1 to the pre release. But my global shortcuts,
> assigned to an multimedia key, stopped working immediately.
> The mysterious thing for me, is that my amarok 1.4.10 uses the multimedia
> keys very well, when assigned as global shortcut.
> IIRC, kde4 switched from using dcop to dbus. I would expect, that amarok
> 1.4.10 uses only dcop. So when the global amarok 1.4.10 shortcuts are still
> working in 4.2, there must be a compatibility layer or something. Maybe
> that this compatibility layer is incompatible with 4.2s dbus? ;-)
> Cheers Andreas

Suddenly everything is back again... :D It has been corrected by some upgrade today.

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