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Re: KDE4.2 and keyboard shortcuts

Alle giovedì 19 febbraio 2009, Andreas Jacob ha scritto:
> On Wednesday 18 February 2009 20:01:57 Valerio Passini wrote:
> > Hi All,
> >
> > I have configured several keyboard shortcuts bot none is actually
> > working, even the defined from default Volume up and Volume Down with
> > OSD. Is anybody else experiencing the same or there is someone with a
> > solution?
> Yes, i run into the same problem. So let me sum up what I've tried so far:
> starting position:
> - kde 4.2 from debian experimental branch
> - logitech cordless comfort duo keyboard with multimedia keys
> problem:
> - assigned global shortcuts are not doing there way to the configured
> application
> diagnostic
> * to exclude possible sources of trouble I created a new user with a fresh
> user profile
> * also I switched the language of this new user to us-en, to exclude
> translation issues
> * in these fresh profile the multimedia keys are not working
> * so I activated the keyboard layout, an initialized it to "Logitech
> Cordless Desktop iTouch", which I used hundred times before ("setxkbmap
> -model logicd_it -layout de -variant nodeadkeys")
> * now the multimedia keys are recognized by kde 4.2, which means, when
> configuring a new custom shortcut under "global keyboard shortcuts" in
> "system settings" the multimedia keys can assigned
> * to ensure there is no X problem i run xev, which showed me the normal key
> names like XF86AudioRaiseVolume, XF86AudioLowerVolume, XF86AudioMute ...
> and so on
> * under kde these keys seems to get mapped to "Volume Down", "Volume Up",
> "Volume Mute" .. and so on
> * when assigning these multimedia keys as a local shortcut, all works well
> - so i think it can't be a problem of keyboard mapping
> * when assigning other global shortcuts (e.g. ctrl+alt+pgup to kmix volume
> up) - all is fine
> * trying to assign the multimedia keys to other programs then kmix result
> in the same behavior - the keystroke didn't find the way to the application
> (straced checked)
> * I'm still using the "legacy" ;-) amarok 1.4.10 under 4.2. The mysterious
> thing: I can assign the multimedia keys to amaroks global shortcuts. And
> it's doing fine. The only difference is, that the shortcut dialog
> recognizes these keys with their well known X-names like XF86AudioMute and
> so on.
> That's all i could find out. Actual I've no further ideas what or which
> config- file to check, may be as a lack of knowledge how keystrokes are
> finding there way through the kde message system.
> I also posted the above to the kde forum under
> http://forum.kde.org/multimedia-keys-stoped-responding-kde-4-2rc-
> t-26877-2.html. The result was: maybe a bug in khotkeys.
> Cheers Andreas

Hi Andreas,

I appreciate your suggestion and now I want to stress some points.
First I installed KDE4.2 as soon as it as been available by the end of January and in the beginning the shortcuts worked. Suddenly in the past week the shortcuts stopped working and nothing was possible to restore them. This is strange because there is nothing new in the Debian KDE4.2 packages since its release. Am I wrong?
Second I have decided to try what you already tried, deleting the config files inside .kde4/share/config kglobalshortcutsrc kmix kmixctrlrc and surprise, kglobalshortcutsrc is deleted upon logout automatically. So I don't know how it is possible to reset to default khotkeys behavior and start again.


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