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Re: Problem powerdevil kde 4.2

Alle Tuesday 10 February 2009, Valerio Passini ha scritto:

> Sorry, it's unclear what you mean. Do you want the screen to stay turned on
> when the system is suspended? Consider that it can be unrelated to
> powerdevil can you try other ways to suspend and see if they works? I've
> just tried on my laptop and seen that s2ram doesn't work properly, on
> resume screen is black and keyboard is unresponsive... Later I will try
> something else. Bye

Do you have an nVidia video card? I have played a little with s2ram without any success to finally 
discover that it can be an issue related to some nvidia drivers (not all of them). Anyway I don't 
think this is bug is related to powerdevil. At least not in my laptop.

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