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Re: Uninstall noatun

It would be complicated, because no all player are based on KDE. MPlayer, for example, it's text based originally, and has a GUI based in GTK. I don't think that the developers of mplayer are interested in implementing a command line option to register as a kde default player. So the best option is still that you select your preffered player.
Maybe the best option is think in a better way to select the prefered player, or ask to the developers of debian to select a better default player in the distribution.
Another important thing is that noatun isn't used anymore in kde 4, wait some time and maybe you will have a better default player.

2009/2/6 santilin <santi@kernelpanic.hacklabs.org>
I think you are right. So, the improvement would be something like
re-registering the file associations for players. For example, if I run:

vlc --register-with-kde
mplayer --register-with-kde
noatun --register-with-kde

it would register and place on top all the file associations it knows about.

What do you think? Does is worth sending it to bugs.kde.org

-- santilin

Enzo Cappa wrote:
I don think that's a bug. If you have a preferred player, it wouldn't be nice that anytime that you install another, it changes.
There are many players in GNU/Linux, and many of them are based on KDE. I have around 4 installed, and I use it in different situations. I'm sure that Noatun isn't the better one, but it's the default for the KDE package, maybe because for most people is enough.
Anyway, you can ask the developers of KDE for that improvement if you think it would be a good thing, in https://bugs.kde.org .

PD: Sorry for my english, I'm not native speaker.

2009/2/4 <santi@kernelpanic.hacklabs.org <mailto:santi@kernelpanic.hacklabs.org>>

   > 2009/2/4 Christoph Burgmer

   >> Am Mittwoch, 4. Februar 2009 schrieb santilin:
   >> > Hi, how can I uninstall noatun in debian 4.0, kde 3.5?
   >> kde depends on kdeaddons which depends on noatun-plugins which
   >> on
   >> noatun (if I am not mistaken).
   >> If you installed the kde metapackage I guess you need to go
   through the
   >> single packages it pulls in and decide on a per-package basis
   which ones
   >> you
   >> need, then you can remove kde without loosing all the rest, which I
   >> guess?
   >> is your problem.
   >> Or, in simple terms: "aptitude remove noatun" as admin if it is
   >> Christoph
   > I think is easier. Right click on the file, and select the item
   > "Properties". The you will see a description of the file, and a
   icon with
   > a
   > tool, click on it. There you will see a list of the preferred
   > for that kind of files.  Also you can select a application for
   open  a
   > file
   > one time only in the item "Open with"
   > Enzo

   I wonder why vlc or kaffine are not put on top of file
   associations after
   installing them.

   After making a fresh install of debian/kde, noatun is the default
   Then, I install vlc and kaffeine and amarok. Why are them not put
   at the
   top of the file associations? Is this a feature or a bug?


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