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Small issues with powerdevil


First of all: I'm using 4.2 beta2 and I'm very pleased with it. Thank you very much for the effort.

A couple of small issues with powerdevil:

- Even though I have configured it to do so, powerdevil doesn't suspend my laptop (dell inspiron 1525) to ram when closing the lid. It shows a notification that it is going to suspend, so the 'lid closed' event is recognized, but the suspend never happens.

- I have configured that pressing the power button, should bring up the logout dialog, but what happens is an imediate shutdown.

Anybody else seeing this? If so, I will report upstream.

(I did my last update some 4 hours ago, so I'm at version 4:4.1.85+svn899357-0r1)

best regards
Christian Surlykke

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