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Re: kde 4.2 beta showstoppers?

On Monday 22 December 2008, Xavier Vello wrote:
> Hello
> > I'm willing to give the 4.2 beta packages a try - as long as my
> > fundamental application is still working (kmail).
> > What are the experiences? Does kmail run without problems and what is the
> > state of akonadi? Is it save to use?
> KMail is rock solid here (with pop accounts), and with a lovely new folder
> view. It still doesn't use akonadi for email storage.
> Only apps using akonadi are kabc and korganiser, data is migrated
> automaticaly on first start (keeping the old format as a backup).

There have been some issues with the Akonadi compatibility plugins, e.g. a 
freeze like situation when adding an email address as a new contact into the 
addressbook (hopefully fixed that one yesterday).

Obviously we appreciate any form of testing in that area since so much depends 
on the actual setup used and users usage patterns.
However, if one rather wants to beta test other areas of KDE, resource 
automigration can be disabled [1]

And just to avoid misunderstandings: the change is how the data is accessed by 
applications, not how it is stored on disk.
A vcard file will still remain a vcard file even if used by a native Akonadi 
storage agent (called Akoandi VCard Resource)



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