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Amarok after Lenny release


as most of you know, KDE 4 is going to replace KDE 3 in unstable soon after 
Lenny release. At that point the following is planned to be done with Amarok:

1) I personally have absolutely no interest in Amarok 1.4, upstream does not 
either, which means it is pretty much abandoned.

2) Keeping and maintaining both versions in archive is not an option for me. 
As soon as most of KDE3 leaves unstable, Amarok 1.4 will need some work to be 
in shape again which I'm not going to do. Basically, what I'm saying is that 
Amarok 2 will replace Amarok 1 in unstable as soon as possible (when all its 
build depends are in unstable). It probably won't reach testing soon though 
because it has portability problems to other architectures except amd64 and 

3) I guess some users won't be happy about this. Amarok 2 is a 80-90% rewrite 
of code and GUI so it is basically a different application. Also Amarok 2 is 
missing some features which other people consider a must.

4) A bit off topic, but I will never do Amarok 2 backports for Lenny.

So what's this mail about you may ask? I want to know what Debian users think 
about Amarok 2 (just install amarok from experimental, it's 2.0RC1) and about 
what is going to happen to amarok in Debian. I just want to know how many 
users are going to be satisfied or unhappy and why.

Modestas Vainius <modestas@vainius.eu>

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