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Re: Amarok after Lenny release

On Tuesday 02 December 2008, Modestas Vainius wrote:

> So what's this mail about you may ask? I want to know what Debian users
> think about Amarok 2 (just install amarok from experimental, it's 2.0RC1)
> and about what is going to happen to amarok in Debian. I just want to know
> how many users are going to be satisfied or unhappy and why.

I installed Amarok 2.0-1 on a Sidux box and did not like it at all compared to 
1.4.10-1 in Lenny.  I did not like the new interface, which i really like in 
Lenny (Content - Collection, and Music-Lyrics-Artist).   it did not seem to 
completely read my library (about 9000 mp3s).


C. Hurschler

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