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Re: [KDE 4.1 backports] yakuake missing

On Thursday 04 September 2008 10:39:32 Ben E. Hard wrote:
> > That's exactly what this policy is supposed to protect from. New
> > applications will be released and some users will definitely want them.
> > You should look at KDE 4.1 backports for Lenny as an additional
> > feature/service. Actually, as KDE 4.1 could not be included in Lenny due
> > to unfortunate release timing and a few other issues, we thought that
> > adventurous Lenny users should not be left only with aging KDE 3.5.
> > Sorry, but it's never been a goal to provide the best possible KDE 4.1
> > desktop experience in Lenny.
> I know that it is only an additional feature and that Ana doesn't want to
> provide the "best possible KDE 4.1 desktop experience" in Lenny. But why
> shouldn't he or somebody else provide a good experience with some more KDE4
> programs for Lenny?
> >>But I'm not saying you should do all that work of packing all
> >>kde4-programms.
> >
> > Criteria is set - backports of official KDE 4.1.x modules. No more or
> > less. I do not think that making exceptions is a good thing.
> Why not? Why that fundamentalism? Don't you want to leave it to Ana which
> packages he includes?

Both of your question above resume in the same answer: lack of man power.
The group needs it's resources to other more important stuff (remember 
backports are unofficial).

Of course, you are most welcomed to do the backport's packaging. I don't know 
if we have the necessary server space for that, but I guess something can be 
arranged if you decide to help with that :-) 

> > some programs not working or not integrating completely in kde4
> > KDE 4.1 desktop in Lenny is an *additional* and *unofficial* feature
> > which you can use as it is with no support (as in no fixing of Lenny-only
> > issues).
> Why do you think it is without support? Of course there is no official
> support of debian, but Ana kindly responds to that mailinglist.

And, AFAIK, she is the only one doing the backports. That's the problem :-)

> > Basically, Lenny will always be like this as you see it now (with
> > regard to software up-to-dateness). Finally, you probably do not want to
> > use Debian stable release anyway. Once Lenny is released, keep using
> > testing ("Squeeze") and it eventually will get the whole KDE 4.x desktop
> > and other KDE 4 applications.
> Of course, but I have the feeling that these backports are meant to help
> testing users to use KDE4 right now before Lenny is released. The backports
> won't include anything after KDE 4.1.x (so are the plans according to
> kde4.debian.net), as the backports will be useless once official
> KDE4-packages appear in testing.

Most Lenny users that wanted to test KDE 4 I know switched to the experimental 
repos, using Sid. They are quite happy with them.

So, you are surelly most welcomed to help improve the backports :-)

Regards, Lisandro.

Simulations are not data. In God we trust,
all the others must supply data.
 Walter Opyd

Lisandro Damián Nicanor Pérez Meyer

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