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Upgrade was mostly fine, but a few problems left


I've upgraded my system to 4.1 by aptitude -t experimental install kde4.
looks a bit scary so i created backup and got the install done.

The upgrade was fine ! Great job ! KDE 4.1 looks and works nice !

But ... there are a few problems left, that i can not fix:
* Where did my address book and my calender go in kontact ? Can i import
* them 
again in kontact 4.1 ? My mail and my mail settings seems fine.
* At First my alt-tab was working accordingly the settings of "Desktop
* Effects 
Settings" but now is it only using some old alt-tab behavior and does it
listen to changes in the "Desktop Effect Settings". Probably it's just a 
setting somewhere, but i can not find it.
* How do i added programs (-links) to the panel ?
* The effects are a little bit slow on a 'Intel(R) Core(TM)2 Duo CPU
* 2Gz, Intel 
Mobile GM965/GL960'. Is that normal ?


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