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Re: Important for KDE 4 users: KDE 4.0.3 and KDE 4.1 trunk

Hi Ramon,

I guess that you wanted to send your email to the debian-kde list ;)
I agree with you that the lib renaming is going to trigger quite a lot
of problems.
I had indeed to reinstall skype using the static lib because the
libqt4-core renaming.

On Mon, Apr 7, 2008 at 10:06 PM, Ramon Antonio Parada
<rap@ramonantonio.net> wrote:
> Are you really sure that removing libqt4-core and adding libqtcore4 is
>  a good idea? Maybe can be different packages but what I really care
>  about is dependencies. Any application that runs with libqt4-core 4.3
>  will run if you have installed libqtcore4. Compatibility must be
>  maintained forward, not backward.
>  1. User's won't just have problems when updating to qt 4.4. External
>  packages like skype will take months for updating, becoming broken.
>  (Runs ok both with libqt4-core 4.3 and libqtcore4 4.4 but depends on
>  libqt4-core). Then they will have to deal with Ubuntu Dapper that
>  includes libqt4-core 4.3.
>  3. After that don't know if Ubuntu will do the same renaming for next
>  version but many people will still use Dapper so in worst case there
>  will be three or four different combinations and packages (or
>  dependency changes) must be done to deal with this situation.
>  Don't have a good knowledge of the reasons for renaming but please,
>  Keep It Simple
>  --
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