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Kmail will not Send Mail - Debian Etch Stable - KDE 3.5.7

Hello there

Hope all of the KDE people have a good Christmas or whatever it is that you do at this time of the year :)

I'm not sure whether I should send this to the AMD 64 list or the KDE list.  Hopefully this is the right place.  I've installed Debian Etch into my AMD64 workstation with a Gigabyte motherboard.  KDE 3.5.5.  It's very nice. Bit like using an old Solaris machine.  Everything was fine until I ran the upgrade "apt-get upgrade".   KDE 3.5.7 was installed.  I now find that Kmail refuses to send any mail out even though it downloads mail without any problems.

I normally send mail with Postfix.  Postfix is working fine.  I can use Pine or Alpine or Mutt to send mail.  After the bug arrived I've re-configured Kmail to send mail with SMTP < smtp.ukfsn.org>.  Kmail still refuses to send mail.

Does anyone know how to sort this out so that Kmail will send mail once again ?  Can't find any logs that I can send in here.  I could downgrade to KDE 3.5.5 to see whether that cures the bug but APT howto isn't completely helpful when I read it.



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