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Re: Kmail and S/MIME

Fathi Boudra wrote:

> Hi,
>> I know that the subject has certainly been treated over and over again...
>> Anyway. I searched and did not find, so maybe someone on this list could
>> help me.
>> So...
>> I can cypher and decypher mails with GPG in Kmail with no problem, but I
>> can't get to know how I could make it to be able to decypher mails from
>> S/MIME (smime.p7s). If one could give me a piece of advice or something
>> similar...
> http://kontact.kde.org/kmail/kmail-pgpmime-howto.php
> cheers,
> Fathi


this page provides help for having _PGP/MIME_ working, which I have.
I'm looking for S/MIME.

Thank you anyway, regards, 


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