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Re: konqueror ( Resolved)

On Friday 31 August 2007 23:51:02 robert caterina wrote:
> hy Nick, hy José,
>       Thanks for having taken the time to analyze my problem. I have
> done what were suggested by José (i installed wireshark: very nice GUI
> in fact!) and ran it, then i connected to my bank with konqueror. I
> received a lot of informations in which i saw that there was a
> difference in the secure protocol used during the shaking hand or
> acquirement from both parts. From my side, it was the SSLv2 one but
> from the bank's side it was TLS!? (it is why an error message raised:
> Failed...) Thus i went in Kcontrolcenter (or in konqueror-configuration
> it's the same) to modify the configuration in the crypto module: i
> unchecked SSLv2 and also SSLv3 and let only the TLS checked. I made a
> retry to connect to my bank and voilà IT WORKS fine!
> Note that i have first tried unchecking SSLv2 and keeping SSLv3 checked
> but it didn't work! Strange behaviour, isn't it?
> Nick, i have tried too to connect to https://gmail.google.com/ but i
> get a white window (hence no error message). Should i post in the list
> the output of wirewhark?
>  Cheers
> robert

Interesting thread, I had issues with my bank and Konq also. I did notice 
that Iceweasel, which works, enables ssl v3.0 & tls only, while Konq 
enabled those plus ssl v2.0. Disabled ssl v2.0 and Konq works. 

Greg Madden

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