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Re: Re: konqueror

hy Nick,
   Thanks for the reply. Ok, there is no proof that my java's setup is
bad. In fact, why should it be true if it works with epiphany and
iceweazel! But you know one can never say...So, now i am wondering what
exactly causes the switching of the protocol from http to https though,
from which part does it come? What conditions must be satisfied for the
process to be successful? Can you explain it ? I want to understand what
is going on.
What about the konqueror behaviour with all other SSL sites? I can't
answer because i personaly never use SSL except for E-banking. So i
don't know other sites requiring it.
You suggested me the use of tcpdump to see how goes the SSL connection
but what command should i type in? (sorry i am newbye:-))


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