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Re: konqueror

robert caterina wrote:

> Entering manually the URL with https://<redirected URL of the
> bank.../Language.jspx?language=1>, which is the URL that appears when i
> click on the 'start' button on bank's homepage, don't work. Same error
> message pops up. Looking at the URL address, i see that some java 's
> programm is involved. Isn't it a java's related problem? 

Just a quick 2p [in my capacity as a novice J2EE programmer]: the
presence of "jsp(x)" in the URL indicates that *server*-side Java is
used by the website, not *client*-side ... so there's no indication here
of any problem with the Java setup on your PC.  There might be a
server-side problem, but you're not seeing any definitive proof of that

Run a sniffer (tcpdump/Ethereal/Wireshark) and see what happens to the
SSL connection ?

I don't like the look of all those undefined symbols from
/usr/lib/libcrypto.so.0.9.8 ... don't know whether that's normal though
... not in a position to check here right now.

How's Konq's behaviour with all the other SSL sites in your life ?

Sorry I can't say anything more helpful :(

Nick Boyce

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