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Re: konqueror


Perhaps you have found the problem I reported in bug #131061:


It was marked as a site issue.


On Thursday 30 August 2007, robert caterina wrote:
> hy Nick,
>    Thanks for the reply. Ok, there is no proof that my java's setup is
> bad. In fact, why should it be true if it works with epiphany and
> iceweazel! But you know one can never say...So, now i am wondering what
> exactly causes the switching of the protocol from http to https though,
> from which part does it come? What conditions must be satisfied for the
> process to be successful? Can you explain it ? I want to understand what
> is going on.
> What about the konqueror behaviour with all other SSL sites? I can't
> answer because i personaly never use SSL except for E-banking. So i
> don't know other sites requiring it.
> You suggested me the use of tcpdump to see how goes the SSL connection
> but what command should i type in? (sorry i am newbye:-))
> robert

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