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Re: Re: konqueror

   Well, there is a link that allow one to simulate an user account, but
i don't know if it is what you call "demo account that you can test
with". IMHO, it is a train that show the user how to create a new
account. Now that i read again what i wrote in my last post i am in
doubt on the clearness of what i described. In fact, the URL
"https: //<redirected URL of the bank>.../Language.jspx?language=1>" is
what is displayed in the bar address , using epiphany ou iceweazel
browsers, after clicking on the start button to initiate a banking
session but it does not appear at all doing the same thing with
konqueror! Instead the error message is displayed as i said in the
former post. The initial and immediate "redirection" to a security web
page connection (or switching of the protocol from http to https) does
not occur. Hope that i have been clear enough this time. Does this help
to understand the problem much better?

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