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Re: Kmail won't work with satellite provider....

On Sunday 05 August 2007 19:14, Nick Leverton sent this for all our perusal:
>---} On Sun, Aug 05, 2007 at 06:37:14PM +1000, Charlie wrote:
>---} >
>---} >>> If I attempt to send an email to myself, the test of the satellite
>---} >>> provider [smtp], or anyone else using Kmail 1.9.5 [using KDE
> 3.5.7], ---} >>> with the new email address after setting the accounts up,
> I get an error ---} >>> message:-
>---} >>>
>---} >>> Sending failed:
>---} >>> Message sending failed since the following recipients were rejected
> by ---} >>> the server:
>---} >>> madesecure@clearmail.com.au (The server responded: "relaying mail
> to ---} >>> clearmail.com.au is not allowed")
>---} This is your own ISP, and you are sending mail to them rather than to
>---} another ISP - have I read that right ?  There are two things to check:
>---} have you got the right server, and can you authenticate to it OK.
>---} They don't seem to have a proper setup page, and there are slightly
>---} conflicting setups in the examples they give.  Their FAQ at
>---} http://www.clearnetworks.com.au/faq.html says:
>---}     '... using mail.clearmail.com.au as both your SMTP and POP3
> servers, ---}     and you have selected "Authenticated SMTP"'
>---} OK it's talking about access from outside, but it does say the settings
>---} would be the same.
>---} However the page on how to setup Outlook Depress at
>---} http://www.clearnetworks.com.au/support/wireless_email_oe_setup.pdf
> says ---} that you need to use an outgoing server specific to your town.
> ---}
>---} I hope that mail.clearmail.com.au will function but you may need to
>---} check that detail with them.
>---} As for authentication, it's quite simple to set up.  In
>---} Kmail/Configure/Accounts/Sending, just tick the box "server requires
>---} authentication" and put the username and password they've given you.
>---} Then go to the "Security" tab and press "check what the server
> supports". ---} I would expect it to automatically select TLS and one of
> the other ---} options.
>---} OK through all that, and then give it a whirl, and let us know.
>---} Unfortunately kmail isn't too hot at diagnostics but sometimes you can
>---} catch an error message if you watch the progress dialogue after
> pressing ---} the blue up-arrow on the bottom right of the main window.
>---} Nick
>---} --
>---} http://www.leverton.org/blosxom (now updated!)       ... So express
> yourself ---}

Am at an Internet Kiosk, where I volunteer some time this morning, and using 
Kmail to send test emails through the clearmail address, without any 
problems, without any changes in configuration to my lappy's Kmail 
configuration files. So it would appear to be an error with the Clearnetworks 
server which is giving me the problem, which doesn't get picked up in 
Icedove? Or maybe they have fixed it?

Will have to see when I get back home tonight.

Thank you to all for your help in trying to get this to work.

Be well,

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