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Re: Kmail won't work with satellite provider....

> Dietz Proepper wrote:
> > Charlie:
> >> Have just subscribed to this list and using Icedove to post.
> >> Using Debian Etch/Lenny
> >> Have just been connected to satellite internet provider Clearnet who
> >> have some Linux capable techs on their staff, but have not been able
> >> to resolve a problem with Kmail 1.9.5 [using KDE 3.5.7] in Debian
> >> testing.
> >
> > These techs should train themselves regarding smtp ;-).
> Interesting, they sent me a message through kmail from their end, and I
> received it, but couldn't reply to it.

Sending and receiving email can be two completely different beasts.

BTW, how (by which protocols) do you receive and send your mail?

> >> Sending failed:
> >> Message sending failed since the following recipients were rejected
> >> by the server:
> >> madesecure@clearmail.com.au (The server responded: "relaying mail to
> >> clearmail.com.au is not allowed")
> >
> > This indicates that you could connect to the mail server but he
> > rejected your mail for some reason. Therefore you should check this
> > out with your email provider.
> The provider couldn't discover why this should happen from my end. They

The email provider (as opposed to the access (satellite) provider)? They 
should at least see something in their log files.

> > I'd assume that your satellite provider is blacklisted somewhere.
> >
> > Dietz
> Interesting as well? Icedove isn't blacklisted through that provider?
> Kmail is?
> You may well be right, but why kmail and not Icedove?

Eh, you mean, icedove works and kmail fails? I must have overead that in 
your first mail. If they are configured the same way, this might indicate 
some glitch on kmail's side.

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