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Re: KPPP with ISDN via pppd capiplugin

Am Sonntag 22 Juli 2007 16:30 schrieb Martin Steigerwald:
> Can KPPP be used with ISDN via capiplugin?

Dunno but wouldn't be that hard to add if not present, it's just a few pppd 
options after all.

> Is there some other form of GUI for ISDN connections for Debian or does a
> user have to use the command line to configure a provider, start or stop
> a connection?

You can edit a pppd configuration with a graphical editor and use network 
manager to handle your ppp connections.

> I am planning to write an article about ISDN via Debian Etch and like to
> find out as much as possible. Seems that ISDN isn't supported that nicely
> under Debian.

Just like most other distributions and in-kernel: ISDN is a border case, 
probably only widely used in Germany and not a widely used internet 
connection method anymore (speak: broadband connection).

> I managed to built the proprietary AVM drivers, but thats no fun either.
> Hisax should work out of the box, but without faxing and without GUI as
> well. mISDN and a Fritzcard PCMCIA A1 does not seem to be workable as
> well.

Putting too much development time in _analog_ fax capabilities for ISDN is a 
dead end.
First, fax technology is not seeing any improvements, the successor ISDN-Fax 
has almost no users but much easier to handle. With the push of signing via 
signatures and computer pen interfaces, fax is essentially going away: send 
an e-mail instead or go and buy an AVM B1 card with none of those problems.


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