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Re: konsole: some fonts not available.


| I'm wondering how to use the kappa font in konsole.
| It's in the Debian package xfonts-kappa20 .
| I heard that konsole can use only fixed-width font,
| and kappa20 is a fixed-width font. Its "English" part
|   -kappa-fixed-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-iso8859-*
| is very good and I've been using it on emacs for a long time.
| But, it's not shown in the Settings > Font > Select menu
| of konsole.

If anybody is interested---Here is a conclusion.

0. It seems that konsole doesn't allow you to use this font because
   it's not registered as fixed-width.

1. I submitted a bug report against kappa20, requesting to correctly
   register the font as fixed-width.  I've heard nothing from the
   maintainer, yet.

2. konsole included in KDE4 will allow you to use non-fixed-width


That means, this case is closed as of KDE4.


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