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Re: Etch: DBUS and powersave daemon message

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On Friday 18 May 2007, Modestas Vainius was heard to say:
> 2007 m. May 18 d., Friday, Curt Howland rašė:
> > Just like the single user on the machine not being added to the
> > powerdev group automatically. If it had, we wouldn't be having
> > this discussion.
> Installer did this since sarge (for audio, video, cdrom, floppy,
> plugdev, dialout, dip and similar), iirc. By the way, this is done
> only for the user you create during installation. If you create a
> new user manually, you also have to add to the groups manually.

I understand. All the problems I have run into have been for the user 
created during installation.

> Do 
> you select the desktop task in tasksel?

No, I do not use tasksel.

> I'm not really sure about 'powerdev' group, it's pretty new. But I
> believe Etch installer should definitely add the user to this group
> when you choose 'laptop' task.

At the end of the install, it does present me with the tasksel 
options, I unselect desktop (because I do not want GNOME) and leave 
laptop and standard. These problems still occurred.

> > What user, new to Linux, is even going to know the addgroup
> > command exists? Or after 12 years of using Debian, someone like
> > myself who finds it more efficient to just change the permissions
> > on the device that seems to be broken?
> Making permissions 777 you sacrifice security for "ease of use" and
> convinience. It's your choice.

Since "addgroup" was unknown until yesterday, I didn't sacrifice 
anything for convenience. I fixed a problem that otherwise would make 
the machine _UNUSABLE_.

So sure, "it's my choice", but that or go back to Windows? Yeah, some 

You might also notice that, with my rhetorical question about problems 
that it might cause, I am fully aware that adding a user to every 
group sacrifices security.

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