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Re: Etch: DBUS and powersave daemon message


2007 m. May 18 d., Friday, Curt Howland rašė:
> Just like the single user on the machine not being added to the
> powerdev group automatically. If it had, we wouldn't be having this
> discussion.
Installer did this since sarge (for audio, video, cdrom, floppy, plugdev, 
dialout, dip and similar), iirc. By the way, this is done only for the user 
you create during installation. If you create a new user manually, you also 
have to add to the groups manually. Do you select the desktop task in 

I'm not really sure about 'powerdev' group, it's pretty new. But I believe 
Etch installer should definitely add the user to this group when you 
choose 'laptop' task.

> What user, new to Linux, is even going to know the addgroup command
> exists? Or after 12 years of using Debian, someone like myself who
> finds it more efficient to just change the permissions on the device
> that seems to be broken?
Making permissions 777 you sacrifice security for "ease of use" and 
convinience. It's your choice.

> But thank you for the suggestion. I will go through and list all the
> groups (by the only way I know how, cat /etc/group) and add the one
> user to every group that isn't obviously wrong. Who knows what
> problems this might cause?
It will make your user more powerful. E.g. if you add your user to the 
group 'disk', you (or other process running with the rights of your user) 
potentially can do much harm without a warning, e.g.:

$ dd if=/dev/zero of=/dev/<your hard disk here>

Other than weakened security, there should be no consiquences adding a user to 
a system group. Unless the group is very specialized.

Modestas Vainius <geromanas@mailas.com>

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