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Re: Etch: DBUS and powersave daemon message

Curt Howland wrote:
> Hi.
> Each time I start KDE I get a message,
> "You are not permitted to connect to the powersave daemon via DBUS.
> Please check your DBUS configuration and installation."
> This happened with both the AMD64 and i386 installs. I have made no
> changes to the HAL, DBUS or any other subsystem.
> Google searches are turning up a lot of translations of the phrase,
> but no help. Can someone suggest a avenue of investigation?

Hi Curt,

it's always a good idea, after installing a package, to read
/usr/share/doc/$package/README.Debian, if existent.

If you do that for powersaved, this whole issue is explained there in

And as already outlined earlier, for new installations, the default user
is automatically added to groups like powerdev (power management),
netdev (network-manager) and plugdev (mounting of removable devices).

On a upgrade this is unfortunately not possible to do in an automated
fashion, as we can't know, which user is the default one.
So the only option is to document the necessary steps, which is usually
done in a README.Debian file.

Michael (maintainer of powersave+kpowersave)

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