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Re: Kmail: Replying to encapsulated messages in a email list digest.

On Saturday 10 March 2007 23:22, Paul Johnson was heard to say:
> I think we're looking at two different things here.  See attached
> screenshot:  The highlighted link in the screenshot is the one you
> should click on to open the digest message while viewing the
> digest.  That link will open the individual message from within the
> digest that you can then manage individually.

No, you were always very clear and specific with your instructions. 
Here are a couple of shots to show you what I get. A "before and 
after" I click on the "encapsulated message" words. First, 
left-click, then right-click.

As has been suggested, this may be a function of the change from 3.5.5 
to 3.5.6 in experimental, in which case as soon as I see Kmail 
updated again I'll be sure to retry and utilize this function.


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