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I really do not want to flame (I have been using KDE for many years and I do
not mean to change anything about that), but can anybody explain why KDE
has so lousy multi-tasking? Or is it whole Linux? I have noticed it for
long time, but couple of days I was working on Windows XP and running
something terribly complicated with Access, it was running completely out
of its mind, but when I switched to the other window where I had Excel, I
could work without problems and I have hardly noticed almost dying Access
on the background. Whenever I run something more complicated in Linux (gcc,
update of slocate dbase), whole computer goes almost to halt (and it is not
that bad computer -- Dell Inspiron 2200 notebook w/ Celeron 1.4GHz, 512MB
RAM). I believe that Linux should have perfect multi-everything, but
apparently there is some problem with my configuration.

Can anybody kick me in the right direction?



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