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Re: KDE 3.5 taskbar usability issue

Am Sonntag, 23. April 2006 21:25 schrieb Larry Garfield:
> Since upgrading to KDE 3.5 in Sid, I've noticed that the logic for the
> taskbar in Kicker has changed considerably.  In 3.4, the order in which
> windows were listed was first by desktop (with "All Desktops" first), then
> by order opened.  In 3.5, though, they're now grouped by application.  I
> don't mean the pop-up Windows XP-style grouping, that's turned off, but all
> Konqueror windows are next to each other, all KMail windows are next to
> each other, etc.
> Is there any way to revert to the older 3.4 ordering?  I absolutely loath
> the new organization with a passion, because it means I can never FIND my
> windows.  I often have many open at once and like to have them at a known
> location on the taskbar so I can find them more easily.  Now they're all
> over the place and keep moving (in practice).
> Ideally it would be nice if I could manually reorder them, but I'd settle
> for the 3.4 behavior.
> Anyone know how I can get the older, better behavior back?

Please try to take a look at the configuration options. There is one to enable 
alphabetic sorting with respect to the task names.

However, strange that you work desktop oriented, not task oriented...


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