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KDE 3.5 taskbar usability issue

Since upgrading to KDE 3.5 in Sid, I've noticed that the logic for the taskbar 
in Kicker has changed considerably.  In 3.4, the order in which windows were 
listed was first by desktop (with "All Desktops" first), then by order 
opened.  In 3.5, though, they're now grouped by application.  I don't mean 
the pop-up Windows XP-style grouping, that's turned off, but all Konqueror 
windows are next to each other, all KMail windows are next to each other, 

Is there any way to revert to the older 3.4 ordering?  I absolutely loath the 
new organization with a passion, because it means I can never FIND my 
windows.  I often have many open at once and like to have them at a known 
location on the taskbar so I can find them more easily.  Now they're all over 
the place and keep moving (in practice).  

Ideally it would be nice if I could manually reorder them, but I'd settle for 
the 3.4 behavior.

Anyone know how I can get the older, better behavior back?

Larry Garfield			AIM: LOLG42
larry@garfieldtech.com		ICQ: 6817012

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